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Josh Zaharia (DOB: 2010) is an American actor and YouTube content maker. He is famous for his short films &  the ‘La Llorona 2020’ horror film. He is also cast as Trevor in the Netflix movie ‘The Main Case.’

 Birthday: In 2010.
 Birthplace: USA.
 Profession: Actor & Model.

Actor Josh Zaharia
Actor Josh Zaharia

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Josh Zaharia Bio

In most of the TV projects, Josh has primarily acted in a supporting role. In the horror film La Llorona, he appears as Eduardo.

The film is based on the popular horror story of a Japanese woman who after her husband cheated on her, murdered her children.


Josh Zaharia Got Award
Josh Zaharia Got Award

Nevertheless, the woman regrets killing her children and her spirit journeys across the city to look for her children and apologize.

The film is pretty interesting. In addition, the lead character of The Main Event also appears as a friend of Riyaz. Josh Zaharia’s parent’s name is Julio Zahara and the name of his mother is Clara Anderson.


Josh Zaharia Best Moments
Zaharia Best Moments

Unmarried to Josh 10-year-old Josh Zaharia in 2020. Josh Zaharia There are unknown family details, affairs, girlfriend, education, ethnicity, height, weight, Valencia.

Josh Zaharia Wiki

Zaharia is well known for Upside Down Magic 2020La Llorona (2020) & The Main Event (2020) and Summer Falls, Josh Zaharia is an actor (2019). Josh Zaharia age 13 years old [as of 2023].

Josh Zaharia lives in the US. Josh Zaharia is a popular YouTuber, model, and actor. Josh looks lovely, with a sweet smile, a hot personality, and style.


Josh Zaharia Parents
Josh Zaharia Parents

He’s got a massive following in the United States. Josh Zaharia, also known as the popular maker of Youtube content. Josh Zaharia is a smart child.

Her videos are very distinctive. He frequently posts videos on Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, etc. And he still has lots of fans and followers on his social media platforms.

Josh Zaharia Bio And Wiki

Stage Name Josh Zaharia
Real Name Josh Zaharia
Profession(s) Actor 
Birthday  20, 2005
Age 13 years (As in 2023)
Gender male
Birthplace United States
Hometown Will Update
Nationality American
Food Habit Will Update
Parents Clara Anderson
Julio Zahara
Sibling(s) Will Update
Will Update
Education & Qualification
School Will Update
College Will Update
Education Will Update
Contact Details
Instagram Instagram
Facebook Facebook
Twitter Twitter

Josh Zaharia Film series

 La Llorona (2020),

The 2019 Guatemalan drama film directed by Jayro Bustamante is La Llorona, also known as The Weeping Lady. At the 2019 Toronto International Film Festival.

In the segment of Contemporary World Cinema, it was shown. It was chosen at the 93rd Academy Awards as the Guatemalan entry for the Best Foreign Feature Film.

josh zaharia bio

The brutal genocide of native Mayans was organized by the Guatemalan tyrant Enrique Monteverde in the 1980s. Decades later, the guilty conviction is reversed because of a technicality after being charged and convicted, enabling him to return to his house.

The decision is confronted by the public, who stage demonstrations outside the home of Monteverde, with disgust and unrest. Despite this before Enrique’s increasingly erratic and senile behavior causes most of his workers to leave, the family lives in relative peace.

A young woman named Alma arrives as a new worker soon afterward and supernatural activity ensues.

The Main Event (2020)

The Main Event is a 2020 American comedy film directed by Jay Karas, from a Larry Postel screenplay, starring Seth Carr, Tichina Arnold, Ken Marino and Adam Pally. It was released by Netflix on April 10, 2020.


josh zaharia birthday

Leo (Seth Carr), a young child, has a dream of becoming a good WWE wrestler. His grandma Denise (Tichina Arnold) is in favor of his wrestling passion. Steve (Adam Pally) and Denise, Leo’s dad, send him off to kindergarten.

Leo’s parents were divorced and he had to leave his mother. Leo rides his bike to school, where he and his friends meet. Another man who teases their wrestling love is bullying them. A teacher, Ms. Cartwright, intervenes and takes them to the principal.

The bullies confront him after school ends and pursue him on their bikes, but Leo manages to hide inside a house that is hosting a sale of land. Within, Leo discovers a box inside with a wrestling mask.


Josh Zaharia Funny Image
Josh Funny Image

After the man in charge gives him to consent, he takes it home. He sees, at home, an ad for a WWE contest. Later, Leo overhears how his mom left Steve for someone else after an argument between Steve and Denise and is also having a tough time making home payments.

Leo’s going to go to his room and try on a mask. There is a huge transformation in him all of a sudden, where his voice deepens and takes on an incredibly powerful personality.

He knows he’s got super strength. In a legend that only a truly worthy champion can use his powers, he does a Google search and finds the mask is noted.

Leo challenges his bullies at school, and the use of the mask overpowers them. Erica, a schoolmate in whom he was involved, is fascinated and becomes friends with them. But he is disciplined and sent from school to his house.

For the wrestling competition, Leo chooses to audition and wear a mask. Eventually, as the finalists, it comes down to him and Wrestler Smooth Operator (Keith Lee).


Josh Zaharia Instagram

Leo beats Smooth and becomes the competition finalist, and he’s going to go up against Samson, the famous wrestler.

His fame of Leo starts alienating his friends and even Erica. Later, he discovers and confesses to Denise that he assumed all his problems will be solved by the mask, but things are only getting worse.

To his colleagues, Leo apologizes, and they forgive him. Samson and his boss adjust Leo’s mask to a normal one.

The contest starts, and Steve looks at home on TV. Leo is brutally beaten by Samson, and Leo discovers that the mask is fake.

Josh Zaharia Mother
Josh Zaharia’s Mother

Steve is running towards the match. In order to escape, Leo climbs up the grid circling the ring and discovers that Samson hates heights. To climb up, Leo taunts Samson and causes him to pass out cold. On top of him, Leo hops down, officially winning the contest.

Leo gets a check and an NXT contract for $50,000 but admits on TV that he’s just 11. They accept the money but pass the chance on to Smooth for the wrestling deal.


 Upside-Down Magic
Upside-Down Magic

WWE assured Leo that there would be a spot for him in the company when he was older. Two weeks later, Leo is on the wrestling team for prep. Without the mask, Leo has gained confidence and he has the chance to fight his bully with his dad cheering him on from the crowd.

Summer Falls (2019)

When one of them travels out of the countryside, two best friends spend their last day together traveling to watch the sunset.

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Josh Zaharia Net Worth

Have you ever wondered how rich Josh Zaharia Net Worth is? And though he is just ten years of age. Over the course of her career, Josh Zaharia’s net worth was $1 (Approx) Million.

Josh Zaharia's Broken Finger

Josh Zaharia Quick Bio

  • Josh Zaharia is a YouTube star and an American actor.
  • His Youtube channel was created recently.
  • Since his birthdate is not available, his age is not exactly known.
  • He appears, however to be around 9 years and up.
  • His height isn’t on board right now either.
  • He seems, however to stand at a reasonable altitude for his age.
  • With respect to his family, his parents’ names are Julio Zahara and Clara Anderson.
  • He was born in America and raised there.
  • Moving on, for now he is probably single.
  • He concentrated on acting and his research.
  • In 2019, he began his film industry career.
  • He made his debut with a short film called Summer Falls.
  • Grabby & The Unsittables is his debut TV series.
  • He appeared in the series as a fanboy.
  • It seems that The Main Event and La Llorona are his career-changing project.
  • He also owns a channel on Youtube that goes by his own name.
  • Currently, his channel has 150 subscribers.
  • Finally, with about 6.7 hundred followers, he is active on Instagram as josh zaharia.

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