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“Games4two” is a YouTube channel name. Which is handled by the couple Chris and Aly. A couple who loves playing board games with just two players. While party games are fun, they can’t be played every day. We’d like to share some games with you that you can enjoy with only two players!

“Games4two” YouTube: Owner

A couple Chris James & Alyson James created “Games4two” for real-life partners Chris and Aly. Chris James (25-30 years old) is a responsible husband who likes to be known as “Cat Daddy” and gives all the credit to God. Alyson James (23-28 years old) is a housewife, social media influencer, and owner of a pet with fur.

Chris And Aly Creator Of The Games4two Channel
Chris And Aly Creator Of The Games4two Channel

Three years ago (March 1, 2021), they married their absolute best friend! They like to think that they’ve lived two lives, BA (Before Alyson) and AA (After Alyson).

The former is a life and a person that they almost don’t recognize today. It’s crazy to look back at the little 22 and 23-year-olds and see how far they’ve come five years later!

They moved in together after only two months of dating and were engaged in December of 2018, the year they met! Attached at the hip from day one, after their first week, there was not a single day they did not see each other, and that remains true today. They are, and continue to be, inseparable.

They would not, and could not have it any other way! They even got their wedding rings and wedding dates tattooed on each other! Alyson James is their whole world. And here’s to infinite years to come! Happy Anniversary to their angel.

“Games4two” YouTube Channel Owner Goal

“Games4two” is a popular social media account run by real-life partners Chris and Aly, who are known as “the two-player board game couple”. They have gained a massive following of over 2.1M users on TikTok as of 2024, where they showcase their love for board games.

Games4two Logo [Via Facebook]
Games4two Logo [Via Facebook]

Their entertaining content has also won them an additional 2.6M million followers on Instagram (created in August 2021 & verified since March 2023) and 13.1 lakh subscribers on YouTube (@Games4two_). If you ever thought that board games were boring, Games4two’s content will change your mind.

@games4two Orbito Is A Two Player Strategy Game You MUST Try! #boardgames #gamenight #couple #fun ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

The best way to try a new game is to play it, but watching Chris and Aly is the next best thing. From dexterity/skill games to strategy games, balance games, word games, and more, you’ll find them all on their channel, and their Amazon storefront features over 100 of their favorites. “Games4two” even has a long-running partnership with Exploding Kittens.

Making things even more interesting, they’ll often wager a friendly bet, such as the loser making dinner, washing the dishes, buying dinner, or cleaning the bathroom – which only adds to the suspense, depending on whether you’re on team Chris or team Aly. But one of the highest-stakes games they ever played was Catch the Moon – where the loser pays the mortgage!

“Games4two” YouTube Net Worth

We’re looking to find out the “Games4two” YouTube Net Worth, a rising YouTube channel created by a couple. There’s little information about the channel’s net worth.

They had a successful year in 2019-24, but their finances haven’t been covered by international magazines or Forbes. Instead, Let’s discuss their career to better understand their financial status.

Games4two YouTube Net Worth 2024 $500,000K – $2,000,000 (approximately)
Source Of Income Competition, Ad Network, Sponsorship


Q. Who is the founder of the Games4two Channel?
  • Chris James & his wife Alyson James are the founders of the Games4two Channel.
Q. What is the reason for creating the Games4two Channel?
  • This channel is made up of real-life partners who bill themselves as “the two-player board game couple”.
Q. What is the net worth of the Games4two Channel?
  • Games4two Channel net worth $500,000K – $2,000,000 (approximately) as of 2024.
Q. When was Games4two Channel created?
  • This channel was created on 13 Oct 2009.
Q. What kind of games are shared on the Games4two Channel?
  • This Channel shared Balance Games, Connect 4 Spin, Flyfecta, and various board games.

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