Biography Of Game Producer Evgeny Kitkin

Game Producer Evgeny Kitkin Image
Game Producer Evgeny Kitkin Image

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Biography of game producer Evgeny Kitkin

Businessman Evgeny Kitkin has founded and managed more than a dozen companies. He started out as an in-game support specialist for EA Mythic in Warhammer online and, for about 7 years, has been creating and developing SaaS products.

Today Evgeny is involved in game development as a game producer.

In 2017, Evgeny had to go through an operation (brain surgery). While going through a period of rehabilitation, he experienced an extra-somatic experience, that is, he felt separate from his body.

As a result, this not only helped to establish the idea that a human being is something more than a “bag of bones”, but was transformed into the idea of ​​a fantastic universe. Subsequently, this universe was named Eiso and became the basis for the creation of a whole franchise.

Evgeny Kitkin Study And Early Career

The birthplace of Evgeny Kitkin in Orenburg, Russia. Date of birth – April 25, 1990. Programming has been his serious hobby since childhood (at the age of fifteen, Evgeny developed his first neural network).

After successfully graduating from school, he looked closely at the possibility of obtaining a quality European education and therefore went to the Prague College of the Banking Institute.

In the Czech Republic, he got a job as a technical support representative for the game Warhammer Online at EA Mythic, where he worked for about a year. Evgeny was attracted to programming and IT much more than banking.

Therefore, in 2010 he became a student at the Prague Higher School of Economics, aiming to obtain a specialty in Applied Informatics and Statistics.

Developments And Projects

Evgeny Kitkin successfully combined study and work as an outsourcing specialist on various SaaS projects. The number of projects grew rapidly; it was not possible to work on them alone and so Evgeny began to assemble his own team of developers and IT professionals.

Here are some of his team’s developments:

  • A special food delivery platform.
  • Technical support of the Maurice Lacroix blog during an advertising campaign. The organizers of the event recognized Evgeny as the best WordPress specialist.
  • Long-term cooperation with European PR-agencies (Wirz (BBDO Group), JWT-Fabrikant, PR FACT) and fulfilling orders from various well-known brands (Maurice Lacroix, Swarovski, Ballantine’s, Heineken, Rituals Cosmetics, Tassimo, MTV, etc.).
  • Booking analytics. This is a system for optimizing hotel positions in aggregators such as, Airbnb, Expedia, etc. Neural networks automatically analyzed data and then formed price and other conditions, which increased the demand for the hotel’s offers. Evgeny worked at the start of this startup in a leanup format and generated about $ 100,000, after which he made a successful exit. The project is still actively developing today.
  • Cooperation with the holding “Stankoinvest” (Russia) on the development of an access control system for the facility with face recognition.
  • A system that automatically generates product descriptions for online stores.
  • A system that uses computer vision to automatically measure parcels.
  • Conducting a promotional campaign for a deputy in the Leningrad region.
  • Creation and promotion of an online store for the Zenit brand for European customers. Zenit is known for its high quality of manufactured optics and photographic equipment (the brand has existed since 1952). Despite the fact that the project was really promising, it had to be closed, as the manufacturer raised prices for its products.
  • Creation and management of the Talent-Guild outstaffing agency. Recruitment of IT specialists from Russian-speaking countries and the sale of their working time to European and American companies. Thanks to this project, Evgeny got the opportunity to meet many highly qualified professionals in the IT field.
  • One of the most interesting “long-livers” of the cryptocurrency market is the Whalesburg Mining Pool project, created by Evgeny Kitkin back in 2017. He noticed that most mining pools are absolutely not transparent, and only programmers could understand the details of their work.
  • Evgeny decided to fix this and created – in his own words – a “mining pool for people”, which has not only a convenient interface, but also an understandable earnings system. 11 syndicate funds have been invested in the project for a total of $2 million. Clients received a total of 11,000 ETH. In 2021, Evgeny left Whalesburg, but the project continues to develop.

Evgeny Kitkin emphasizes that working on all of the above projects helped him get acquainted with many qualified specialists and unite them into one team in order to move together towards new goals. It goes without saying, Evgeny’s own creative, professional, and organizational skills have also improved significantly as a result.

Evgeny Kitkin In-Game Production

Evgeny Kitkin’s latest project, along with his team, is related to the fantasy universe of Eiso. Based on this idea in particular, a mobile isometric RPG game with rogue-like elements is being developed.

Evgeny has been actively contacting publishers in order to eventually create a company that would bring together experienced game publishers from the United States and reliable developers from Russian-speaking countries.

According to Kitkin, such a symbiosis will give excellent results and help the game become a real breakthrough and a remarkable event in the gaming world. There are also plans to develop 3 more games.

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