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Gleb Fetisov’s Biography & Wiki

Gleb Fetisov was born on June 5, 1966, in Electrostal in the Moscow Region. He graduated from school with honors and entered the Faculty of Economics at Moscow State University which he graduated from with a red diploma. He is a Doctor of Economics, professor, author of research works, scientific papers, and tutorials in the field of economics. He holds membership in Russian and international academic institutions in the chapters for economics and finance.

Gleb Fetisov – Businessman
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Gleb Fetisov – Businessman, Philanthropist, Sports Enthusiast

Gleb Fetisov is a businessman, philanthropist, and amateur athlete. In his free time he is involved in sports, including polo and golf), and has already had significant achievements with champions’ titles to show for it.

The POLO RIDER CUP tournament is a major polo event held in the picturesque French domain of Chantilly. This year it became Gleb Fetisov’s team’s debut performance in international championship events. The tournament attracts high-profile teams and the most skillful players from some of the best polo clubs around the world.

The tournament took place on June 10-20, 2021, and was attended by 12 teams from different countries. Gleb Fetisov’s team represented the Moscow Polo Club. The team, captained by Mikhail Rodzianko demonstrated a high level of qualification and offered a serious challenge to its opponents.

June 12 saw a match against the  German team representing Hamburger Polo Club. The Russians fell a little short of victory, with a score of 9:11. The 2 out of 9 goals were scored by the team captain  Mikhail Rodzianko; the other team members, Gleb Fetisov and French players Simon Zavaleta and Edouard Pan, also demonstrated a skilled performance.

On June 14 the Moscow Polo Club team played another match, this time against Polo Club Düsseldorf. The final score of the game was 8:7 in favor of the Russians. The game was intense and interesting, and the victory was well deserved.

According to Gleb Fetisov and his teammates, taking part in such high-level tournaments is a unique chance for Russian polo. Events like the one in Chantilly help to improve the game and skills of Russian players as well as promote domestic clubs on the international scene.

Gleb Fetisov’s Biography & Wiki
Polo And Golf Champions Gleb Fetisov

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