Bailey Fowler Age | Biography | Net Worth – Famous Barrel Racer

Bailey Fowler is a highly skilled and accomplished Barrel Racer with years of experience and natural talent. She has competed in several Barrel Races and won competitions for her outstanding performances. She has a large following of fans and supporters on social media who are inspired by her passion, Barrel Racing sports.

Bailey Fowler Age | Biography

Bailey Fowler, is a young American amateur barrel racer, who was born in Texas, United States of America. She runs the Stallion Streakin Lil Wayne owned by Tricia Aldridge and her. She has project horses come and go throughout her system as well.

Bailey Fowler Barrel Racer Image
Bailey Fowler Barrel Racer Image [Via Facebook]
Besides barrel racing, she is a content creator. Regular basis she shares her lifestyle, racing photos & videos on YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

Bailey Fowler Parents & Siblings Details: What is Bailey Fowler’s father’s name, mother’s name &  siblings name? Although she did not share all this information, we visited her Instagram/Facebook profile and found no specific information there

Education & Training: She was born & raised between Texas & North Texas, and according to her age she studying in high school in Texas. Further, we got her Education and training info we’ll update ASAP.

Bailey Fowler Age | Height | Physic Info

Bailey Fowler’s age, height, weight, Body Info & more info are given below.

Bailey Fowler Barrel Racer Age 2024 15 – 18 Years Old (Approx)
Weight 44 Kg (97 Ibs)
Height 5 Feet 5 Inches (1.67 Cm)
Hair Color Dark Brown 
Eye Color Brown 
Physique Slim
Body Measurement 31-23-30 In
Voice type N/A

Boyfriend | Dating

Bailey Fowler Barrel Racer is a teenage celebrity. What is her boyfriend’s name? No information is available. However one should not share personal information without proper proof. And judging by her age, she is a teenager just past puberty. Hence, no information about her boyfriend or affair has surfaced on the internet. So Bailey’s relationship status is single.

Bailey Fowler Net Worth

Bailey Fowler’s net worth? We don’t know much about her financial condition, but her earnings and net worth appear to have improved in 2024.

We’d like to know her net worth as well as whether she owns a car and a property. She is a well-known Barrel Racer and influence.

She has a stable financial situation and her outstanding achievements are due to her natural talent and extensive theater experience.

Net Worth $50,000 – $100,000 (approximately)
Source Of Income Barrel Race Participate, Sponsorship, Ad Network

Bailey Fowler Social Info

She has been using Instagram @baileyfowler11, since May 2023. Her profile is not verified & she has over 2.6K Followers.


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Her YouTube channel/profile username @BFbarrelracingofficial, where she has over 1.14 lakh subscribers and 1.3K videos.

Her TikTok username @bfbarrelracing14, has over 45.6K Followers 1.1M Likes on TikTok. Her Facebook username is @Fb/100093653602850, she has 363 friends on Facebook.

Bailey Fowler Biography

American native Bailey Fowler Barrel Racer’s Wikipedia profile was not found. We present her info like Wikipedia.

Biography & Wiki  
Real Name Bailey Fowler Biography
Known As Bailey Fowler Barrel Racer
Profession Barrel Racer, Influencer
Age 15 – 18 Years Old (Approx)
Date of Birth Not Known
Birthplace Texas, United States of America
Nationality American
Ethnicity White | Caucasian
Religion Christianity 
Family and Relatives
Father Not Found
Mother Not Found
Grandpa  Not Found
Brother Not Found
Sister Not Found
Affairs and Marital Status
Affairs Status Single
Husband/Wife Not Found
Son Not Found
Daughter Not Found
Favorites Things and Like & Dislike
Favorite Actor Not Found
Favorite Actress Not Found
Favorite Color Blue, Pink, and Black
Favorite Food Not Found
Favorite Movie N/A
Hobbies Traveling, Horse Riding
Contact Address (Direct)
House Address Will Update
Phone Number Will Update
Email Id Will Update
Website Will Update
Social Media
Facebook Facebook
Instagram Instagram
Twitter Twitter
YouTube YouTube
TikTok TikTok
Wikipedia Wikipedia

Bailey Fowler Barrel Racer Career

Bailey Fowler opens up about her current career status by answering questions in a YouTube video about her career. This question is: what’s her favorite story or memory to tell people about Smooch and Wayne? So, her favorite story—she’s going to say memory—about Smooch is that all last year, she won like every Rodeo she went to, every jackpot she went to.

Bailey Fowler Barrel Racer Photo
Bailey Fowler Barrel Racer Photo

And then all of a sudden, it just stopped. What? But they’re not talking about the stopping part. They’re thinking about when she won. And the funny thing is, her trainers just threw her on a fraternity horse.

She was in her fraternity when they bought her, and she rode her. But it’s like not one singular memory, it’s religious. All last year, she had to, and of course, HH World too.

That was the most amazing experience she has ever had. And she really hopes she can do it again. But yeah, to do the memory of Wayne, probably that they clicked so soon. She started riding, just loping him through the pattern in November of last year, and that was not too long ago. It’s not even been a full year yet.

Bailey Fowler Barrel Racer Photo With Friends
Photo With Friends

And she thinks that she hit just a few barrels, and then they just went to one jackpot, and her trainer, Trisha, she was like, ‘Okay, we’re gonna put your hand down, say whoa when you run up there, and put your hand down, drive around.’ And pretty much, that’s what just happened, and it worked.

And then she figured it out, and then she went to that talk about the next Tuesday. She did it again, and the next Tuesday, she did it again. So then they decided they’re gonna go somewhere, and they’re gonna run, and they’re gonna do good. And she did well. She doesn’t know where she went, but she went somewhere.

So, her next question is: what’s her least favorite thing to do on a horse? She doesn’t know, she loves doing everything. Um, on a horse though, she doesn’t really know, because she loves to run, she loves to do slow work because it’s like slower is the aesthetic.

She’s working to go run, and she’s working to get where she was and where she is. And that’s what keeps her going because if she doesn’t work, she’s not gonna win. If she’s gonna win, she’s gonna work. So, not really anything.
When was the last time she hit a barrel? Um, she doesn’t know, it was kind of a while ago. Um, funny story, that same race, the last time she hit a barrel, she’s pretty sure. She hit the barrel the first night, hit the second barrel, she believes.

But yeah, in those next two nights, her reins went over her head on the second barrel the first night. She thinks she won like a thousand dollars, and then the next night, they did good. She wiped out that time because she was not sweating, someone leaned over her head to ruin that whole weekend. So, and those two rounds were clean runs, so it was pretty good.

But anyway, favorite brand for jeans/boots? Her favorite brands for jeans are probably Cowgirl Tough or Thunderbird, and her favorite boots—she’s thinking of spunt boots when you say boots, but um, but it’s probably X Equine.

She thinks that’s what it’s called. It’s like a very big brand, like everyone uses. Not everyone, of course, but that and Top Hand with sweat boots. She loves their stuff.

And her favorite Rodeo she’s been to? She doesn’t know, probably the Nocona Rodeo last year on Smooch. That was amazing, and she got to win. She won the first night, and the next day, she had a barrel, which was really awkward. It’s backward. But anyway, the first night she won it, and it was really interesting, and they’re not—and she won $301.

How long has she been riding Smooch? Almost two years because she got her kind of, like, middle-ish beginning of 2020, and then she stopped riding her October 31st. Um, how long has she been riding?

Michael, why does she get some of her cute clothes? Okay, she’s thinking of like Rodeo shirts, so the first one is Fallon Taylor’s Ranch Dressing and since Thunderbird, and then this one brand, it’s Carla, and her last name starts with a B, but it’s Spanish and she does not know.
Her fastest time on Wayne? Once again, a 17-3.

Well, she guesses not once again, but really, she doesn’t really know what y’all mean by fastest time because every arena is a different size standard. So usually, she just does standard patterns. And her standard patterns, her best friend is on Smooch, but her—it’s one-tenth off. She almost got a two online, and she got a 17-3 on Lane, but rodeos or jackpots?

By the next question, rodeos, but she likes both. But her favorite is like bigger barrel races, like when she spends the night and stuff.
Her favorite Rodeo sort of brand? Probably ranch dressing, Fallon’s merch stuff, but she doesn’t use her saddle. She uses Double J Saddlery. But yeah, her favorite place to run barrels? Probably NRS or just any place of the standard pattern. NRS in North Texas also. It’s a standard pattern, so anything big, she will love it.
Um, does she do pole bending? She does not. She used to when she did play these, but she kind of stopped so she could focus on barrel racing because she wanted to get far in barrel racing.

She doesn’t really want to focus on goat tying, breakaway roping, pole bending. She doesn’t really wanna be caught up in so many, you know, events.
But the next question is: what was the fastest and cleanest run she’s ever made? That was on Smooch, the standard pattern.

How did Smooch get named Smooch? It’s a great name. She didn’t name her. She didn’t name her.
How many rodeos has she won? Quite a bit.

See herself go racing for the rest of her life or just during her teen years? She would love to do it for the rest of her life and for charity and breed horses.
How does she make her edits? She uses Cap Cut. She was gonna use Vita, but she doesn’t like it. She likes Cap Cut better.
Um, how long has she been riding? Once again, her whole entire life. Favorite horse breed? Quarter Horse.
Favorite event besides barrels? She doesn’t know, probably pole bending or saddle seat because she thinks that’s really cool. She thinks it’s really pretty. And like, she wouldn’t do it because she would probably fail, but she thinks it’s really cool.
And her favorite YouTuber? Probably Fallon Taylor. But like, she doesn’t really know.
Which next story on her horses and how she got her horses?

Okay, on Smooch, Trisha Butteroff, online sale thingamajig. She got Lane, who got hurt, and she had to go for like a month without riding a horse, like running a horse, and that was miserable. But then Trisha was like, ‘Let me put you on my stallion.’

Stallion in November, and that’s when she started doing like loping through the pattern in November. And in December, she won the biggest one of her bigger checks, one thousand dollars.

Like even in Pro barrel racing, you have to be 18 or older. But if she could, she would.
Um, and what for you to all her horses are all quarter horses, but if y’all are wondering like the sire, so Wayne’s sire is a straight fling, Smooch’s is a slick by Design, Sleet is Winners Version, and Envy’s um, sire is the Goodbye Lane.

Do you ever do youth rodeos or have you ever thought of doing youth rodeos? Yes, she does. She goes to Upris, and this year, they were going to do the adult part of it, but then they decided there’s more money in the youth.

So, this year, they are just going to keep on doing the youth. It’s almost over.
Has she ever fallen off during a run? Of course, she has a picture she posted a few months back. It was like her falling off and the horse still turning the barrel. That’s not great.

@bfbarrelracing14 What a year and a half can do to you #baileyfowler #fypシ #bfbarrelhorses #bfbarrelracing #godisgood ♬ original sound – Bailey Fowler

Actually, she thinks it was at Ruby Buckle or Barrel Bash at the Lacey E Event Center. But um, actually, they made one of the best rounds they’ve ever made. And then her, she thinks it was her own in the way of working and needed a turn to keep on the lead on the way he’s going, but she was there so he stuttered because he didn’t want to run over her mom. So, he ran into the fence, and she hit the fence, and he ran.
Who are all the horses she owns? Smooch, Envy, Wayne, and Sleet. What’s her worst fall? Probably the one where she hit the fence.
Read more: How the sixth a few months? She thinks, 17 or 18 weeks.
How did she learn to barrel race? Her mom. All of the horses she’s ever owned? Smooch, Lane, Wyatt, Halfway, Envy, Sleet, Sparkles, Bella, uh, the Pony, yes, it was a horse named the Pony, Taco, Hollywood, Bubbles, Brave, Popcorn, and probably more, but you know.
Favorite track website? She cannot remember her name, but you know her shiny breast collars, that lady, uh, and she’s on Facebook, of course.
Does she have any other hobbies? No, it’s her favorite part of Heroes, everything. How tall is Wayne? Not that tall, she’s going to say that, but yes, he is over 15 hands.
When is her next Rodeo? She has no idea because Rodeo season is almost over.
How old is her horse? Wayne is eight, Smooch is six, Sleet is a few months old, Envy’s too.
Does she like English or Western better? Of close, Western. But she thinks English is cool. But since she does Western, she would do English if she liked English more. Western is cooler.


Q. Who is Bailey Fowler Barrel Racer?
  • This person is an experienced and talented Barrel Racer who has won multiple competitions. She has a significant social media following of fans who are inspired by their passion for the sport.
Q. Where was Bailey Fowler born and where does she currently reside?
  • She was born in & lives in Texas, United States of America
Q. What is Bailey Fowler Barrel Racer’s age?
  • She is 15 – 18 Years Old (Approx).
Q. What is Bailey Fowler Barrel Racer’s zodiac sign?
  • Her astrological sign is not found.
Q. Who are Bailey Fowler Barrel Racer’s siblings?
  • Her sibling’s name are unknown.
Q. How rich is Bailey Fowler Barrel Racer?
  • Her net worth is $50,000 – $100,000 (approximately).
Q. How many horses Fowler Barrel has?
  • She has 6 horses named the Pony, Taco, Hollywood, Bubbles, Brave, and Popcorn.

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