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Sally McNulty is a popular American Racing Driver in TC America, a Car Builder, Social Media Influencer. She becomes famous on Instagram & YouTube with the brand username teamsallyracing. On Instagram, she has over 1M followers & on YouTube 3.98 lakh subscribers.

Sally McNulty Biography

She was born in Rolla, Missouri on 26 AUG, 1983. But she currently lives in Phoenix, Arizona. She is better known as a racecar driver for Hyundai Motor America in the #780 Borla Exhaust Liqui Moly Hyundai Veloster N with the GenRacer Team.

Sally McNulty Image
Sally McNulty Image

She is also an avid car builder in her home garage to pass the time in between races. Find her on Social Media @TeamSallyRacing. She has over 1.3 million followers across all platforms! Sheis  She is extremely popular on YouTube/Instagram for her car racing, stunts, and tips. Her parent’s & siblings’ data were not found.

Sally McNulty Age, Height, Weight, Body Info

Age 40 years old
Angelica Anderson Height 5 Feet 5 Inches / 165Cm
Weight 65 Kg (approximately)
Hair Black
Eyes Brown
Body Type Average
Voice type Clear

Sally McNulty Boyfriend | Dating

According to her social profile [Facebook], she is in a relationship with Markos Mylonas.

Sally McNulty Net Worth

What is the net worth of Sally? We don’t have particular information on her financial situation, however, her earnings come from different sources, sponsorship, e-commerce [she has on business], and ads.

Net Worth $1.5M  (approximately)
Source Of Income Sponsorship, Business, Ads

Sally McNulty Career | Question & Answer

She is a Time Attack Driver with Team Snail Performance. She runs multiple race series, including Global Time Attack and the GRIDLIFE series. She has 19 podium finishes and owns one class record in her motorsport career. She started her profession in 2009.


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  • How did she come to focus on Honda upgrades?

Honestly, she had multiple project cars throughout the years, and she bought a Honda, and she really enjoyed it. It was kind of like Legos, so upgrading a car was like instant gratification. She got a part, she put it on, boom, look what she did. So, Hondas were super fun, the parts were, well, they used to be, inexpensive, and it was a fun time. And she felt like everybody in the car community started with a Honda at one point. They had a Honda, they had a Civic, they had an Integra, maybe they had an older Civic. But she felt like a lot of people started with Hondas.

  • How much is it for a K-swap in an Integra?

Um, it’s a lot. It’s not cheap. I mean, she could probably do a K-swap in an Integra for a cheap amount of money, but it depends on how nice she wanted it to look. She’s kind of picky, and she really wanted it to look nice. So, therefore, she took a little extra time, a little extra money, and spent the dollars.

Now, clearly, this is a build that’s taken her a while because she didn’t have the money to do the build right away. So, she had to… parts, get some paychecks, save some money, buy the parts she wanted. So, she probably could have gotten it done a lot faster, but it wouldn’t have looked as nice. So, she wasn’t willing to skimp. That makes sense.

  • Coming to Colorado anytime soon?

Probably not, sorry.

  • Can you modify my car?

No, she doesn’t have enough money for her cars, she’s not modifying yours. But she appreciates the question.

  • Would you rather daily a B-series or a K-swap?

You know, she has both. She has a B18C5 in her EK, and she also… I mean, this one doesn’t run yet, but she does have an H22 Civic. It does have a K20, and she enjoys both of them, honestly.

They both have their own personality. Probably like the K-series, the H22 Civic is a little bit… probably nicer, and more luxurious as a driver. But as a daily driver, she just drives her Elantra. Her Elantra, and she’s going to talk about that later.

‘Do I have any other hobbies outside of racing cars?’

Food, she’s a foodie, she loves sushi. That would probably be… Oh, and petting dogs. That’s probably her life in a nutshell, petting dogs.

  • Here’s a good one: What’s your phone number?

Huh, you know, that’s a really good question. But you know what? She’s sure the lady in your profile photo probably doesn’t want you to have her phone number, so probably not a good question.

‘It’s time you built a V8.’

You know, she’s thought about it. She has thought about building a muscle car. If she was going to buy one, it would be a Nova, and she would do a V8. She would never put a V8 into an imported car like a Nissan or anything like that.

But she went to a car show the other day, and there was some, like, a nice Nova, and she was looking inside the engine bay, and she realized how easy that looks compared to some of the things that she’s done. That would probably be an easy project for sure.

  • How did she start racing?

Well, that is a question she gets a lot, and that’s probably most of the questions in here, is how did she start racing? She started in track days. She signed up for a track day, and she loved it. She had a friend who said, ‘Sign up for a track day, Sally,’ and she went with him to the track day, and she had a blast.

She took her daily driver, she had a Chevy Cobalt. It was a manual, so it was a little cooler. But she took her Chevy Cobalt, she went to the racetrack, and she had a great time. And she realized that she was terrible and had no idea what she was doing.

But she knew she could work on it and get faster, and she did. And she went a couple of times, but she quickly realized that Chevy Cobalts don’t really have any aftermarket parts. So, she got other cars, went through NASA, and went through high-performance driving events like 1, 2, 3, and 4. She got her time trial license, and she started working on that.

She did some time trials, she did some time attacks, and she got some trophies. She did really well, and then she was contacted by a manufacturer to come race in a professional series, TC America. And she had never, ever, ever signed up for a professional race before, or a race for that matter, like a wheel-to-wheel race. And it was awesome. That’s such a great time. Now, it’s not free.

It does cost money, and she did have to find sponsors. But anybody can do this. If you put the hard work in, look for sponsors, promote yourself on the internet, work on your social presence, and work on promoting your brand and what you have to offer to companies, you can find the sponsors and you can race too. It’s not easy, it’s not something you can do overnight, and it does take time. But if you work on it, you can get there.

And she feels like her story is a way to share that with people, that you can do it too. So, if you want to go out there and do it, you can make it happen. Alright, next page. Alright, she’ll take that one off.

  • Do I like the Boritbs?

They look fantastic. Now, of course, the car doesn’t run, but”

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